At AdirondackCBD, we focus on getting our customers the products they are seeking. We help local farms and work with local farms and businesses to help expand our companies. We will do our best to give you exactly what your looking for as a customer and plan to grow an ongoing friendship with you all.

Leisuretime Greenhouses

Dolly "Big Doll" Dygert has been running Leisuretime Greenhouses for 35 years and continues to run it to this day. Dolly specializes in personalization and servicing people for what they want and how they want it. Everything is grown on site. Daniel Dygert is the son of Dolly and helps grow and keep all the plants fresh in and out of the greenhouses to keep Leisuretime Greenhouses as beautiful as it is.

Dolly "Big Doll" Dygert

Owner of Leisuretime Greenhouses


Daniel "Dan" Dygert

Lead Grower

Son Of Dolly Dygert

Billy "Bill" Hatfield

Owner of Hempnotizer and Fourth Creek Farm